Mar 16

The Ultimate Water Treatment Guide

Why does someone need a water treatment system?

Water treatment systems are often taken for granted, but they are essential to our health. Having a quality water system installed in your home will not only improve your overall well-being, it will save you money. Find out what you need to know in this water treatment guide before you purchase your next water treatment system.

Not only does contaminated water smell and taste bad, but drinking and bathing in it can be hazardous to your health. Polluted water can cause illnesses, such as typhoid, cholera, guinea worm disease, and many more. Having a reliable water treatment system in place can help prevent these diseases.

Water treatment systems help to reduce the amount of bacteria that is found in your water through reverse osmosis or shock chlorination making it safe to use. Here at Mast Water Technology, we provide services that not only make your water safe to drink, but also make sure your water no longer leaves pesky stains on your dishes.

Water Softener

Having hard water in your home can increase energy costs up to 48% and installing a water softener can help you reduce those costs. In addition, water softeners help to reduce the amount of grime and buildup that hard water leaves behind. Soft water is 12 times more effective at cleaning dishes than hard water is.

Mast Water offers a multitude of different water softeners. Some systems will reduce your salt usage, while others will reduce the overall energy used. Whichever system you choose to purchase, the lifespan on many household products will be increased, as they will no longer be exposed to hard water. The water softener that you choose to purchase ultimately depends on what works best for your family’s needs and budget. Mast Water offers the option to rent one for as low as $20/month.

Iron Filtration

For many people, especially those who rely on wells to get their water, too much iron in the water is an issue. Water that contains iron does not cause any major health issues, but it can destroy other things. For example, if you have too much iron in your water and try to wash your clothes, your clothes may get brown stains that are difficult to remove. Furthermore, if there is too much iron in your drinking water, it will begin to have a metallic taste.

Fortunately, people can reduce the amount of iron that is in their water by using an iron filtration system. These systems remove iron and sulfur from your water, leaving you with fresh, pure water that will keep your clothes and other household products stain-free.

Water treatment systems are becoming basic household necessities that you cannot afford to live without. Not only do they produce immediate results, many systems last over 15 years, so you and your family can enjoy clean water for years to come. Call us today to see how we can help you and your family!

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