Mar 09

Are You Going to Drink That? Five Harmful Chemicals Your Drinking Water

Five Harmful Chemicals You Can Find in Your Drinking Water

Take a look at your glass of water? It probably looks clear and looks safe to drink. However, even the cleanest water contains particles that are too small to be seen. Water quality issues still hit the local news causing a panic over whether the water they are drinking is safe. Whether it’s industrial dumping, pesticides running into the water, or cracked and leaky storage tanks, they can all cause problems when it comes to our water.

Let’s take a look at five harmful chemicals that can be found in your drinking water and what actions you can take to prevent them.


In the 1940s fluoride was put into the water to help prevent tooth decay. Thank goodness for toothpaste! However, fluoride can harm the thyroid gland and harden the pineal gland. Some countries have even banned fluoride from being put into their water because it’s extremely toxic. Some U.S. cities are following their lead and have rejected the process of fluoridation.


Most of us have heard of using chlorine to clean swimming pools, and chlorine bleach is used on everyday household items to clean, as well as sanitize certain wastes. Although it is not completely safe, chlorine has been added to drinking water as a decontamination method. When chlorine reacts with the water in your stomach, it can produce poisonous hydrochloric acid. Exposure to chlorine can also cause respiratory problems. Over time these effects can cause memory loss and diminish balance.


Lead is a huge problem in Flint, Michigan. In fact, it is the main toxin causing their water problem. Lead is a heavy metal that can be found in our environment. It is found in our soil, air, and water. Corroded plumbing pipes are the main cause of lead leaking into our water. Lead is toxic to almost every single organ, with its main target being the central nervous system. High amounts can damage your kidneys and brain, and even lead to possible death. If consumed while pregnant, it can cause premature birth. Lead has also been linked to autism and prostate cancer.


Yes, mercury is a naturally occurring element. But just because you hear the word ‘natural’ this does not make it safe. Mercury is an extremely toxic chemical that can cause blindness, brain and nerve damage, as well as headaches, memory loss, and skin rashes.


Used in most spy movies to make the enemy pass out, chloroform is widely known, but did you also know it is commonly found in our water?  Consuming high levels of chloroform can damage your kidneys and liver. The Department of Health and Human Services has determined that there is reasonable evidence that it can also cause cancer.

So I see that you have just put down that glass of ice water you poured yourself from the fridge earlier.  Do not fret too much. Here at Mast Water Technology in Platteville, Wisconsin we offer water filtration services that keep out harmful chemicals so you can drink your local water and feel safe.  A water filter captures undesirable chemicals and lets the clean water through. So stay calm and keep your water clean! Give us a call!

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