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Mast Water Technology offers solutions to your water concerns. We make sure your water is safe and tastes good to satisfy your family.

Mast Water Technology has the water treatment system for your home or business. You don’t have to live with hard water buildup that needs constant cleaning, or rust stains that ruin bathtubs, showers and clothes.

If you are tired of “smelly,” bad-tasting, or unsafe water, we can help you size a water treatment system for your house or your hotel – and everything in between. Whether you have city water or well water, it’s important to treat the water that comes into your home. You drink it, you wash with it, you play in it, and you rely on it. Enjoy the peace of mind you get with a Hellenbrand water treatment system from Mast Water Technology.

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Well Water

Having your own well for drinking water means that you are solely responsible for the quality and safety of your water. Many wells have issues such as iron (rusty water), hard water (scale), and sulfur (rotten egg odor). These may not necessarily be harmful to your health, but they can sure make a mess! Other issues that commonly arise with private wells can cause serious health concerns, such as nitrates, E. coli, total coliform bacteria, and even arsenic. It is important to get your water tested regularly to ensure your water is safe to consume.

City Water

Most people receive water to their home from a municipal source or Public Water Supply (PWS). The PWS does a good job treating the water before it leaves the plant. However, contaminants or additives can slip through this process, giving water a bad taste or potentially leaving the water harmful. The distribution system can have leaks that can introduce contaminants, often leading to “Boil Water Advisories.” Other issues with municipal water can be high hardness (scale), chlorine (used for disinfection), fluoride (added to water), lead services into homes, and, of more recent concern, pharmaceuticals that get past the municipal treatment system.

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Home Delivery Service - Water


In addition to water cooler delivery, Mast Water Technology offers a wide range of services for residential and commercial water treatment applications.

Water treatment services for either residential or commercial include:

  • Water softener service and repair
  • Water filtration system service and repair
  • Reverse Osmosis service and repai
  • Point of Use water cooler service and repair
  • Bottled water cooler service and repair
  • Filter replacement
  • Salt delivery
  • Bottled water delivery

Service contracts are also available for residential and commercial purposes. Discounts are given for pallet loads of salt. Please call us today and set up an appointment to have your water softener or filtration system serviced. Our service area includes SW Wisconsin, NW Illinois and NE Iowa.


Certified Water is a full-service water treatment company that covers the Sterling, Rock Falls, Dixon, Morrison and surrounding areas in Illinois. Certified Water offers a large range of water treatment products to solve issues like rusty water, hard water, smelly water and unsafe water.

Certified Water Conditioning was started and ran by Ken Sippel for many years out of Sterling, IL. Before Ken passed away, he wanted to sell his business to people who would continue with the same level of dedication to his customers’ water treatment needs. Mast Water Technology, a fourth-generation family owned business, is privileged to continue his legacy.

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