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Splash SuperPools are just like the name says, super!

Splash Pools offer a huge selection of pool sizes to provide you with the pool of your dreams. These soft-sided pools are anything but soft in terms of toughness and durability. Don’t mistake this pool for your “run of the mill, big box pool.” Splash Pools can hold up to the durability that your family needs. These pools can be set up in an hour and can be left up all year long, even in the winter!

Splash Pools come and both round and rectangle designs, and the Alpha pool even fills up to 5 feet deep. If you ever sell your home or want to re-design your landscape, Splash Pools can easily be taken down and put back up.

Splash Superpool backyardSUPERPOOL

The SuperPool, the standard for the ever-growing structurally-supported above-ground pool market, is the fruit of a commitment to innovation which has been on-going for more than 30 years and tested in extreme conditions around the world.

The seven standard sizes available give you the opportunity to choose the right size pool to meet your personal needs. However, should you need a special size, we can build a pool to meet most size requirements. Building custom pools is one of our specialties. We have built pools as small as 4’ x 4’ and as large as 108’ x 312’, along with many imaginable sizes in-between.

Superpool OmegaOMEGA POOL

The Omega Pool is made from the same materials as the best-selling SuperPool, we’ve just made it round. Available in four standard sizes and with four feet of water depth, this pool is sure to find a great spot in your yard.

Splash Titan Pool 3Titan Pool 3

The TitanPool3 takes a slightly different approach to creating one of the best liners in the business and leaves you with nothing to be desired. Available in six standard sizes, give us a call to allow us to show you our incredible craftsmanship.


Swimming is one of the best exercises a person can do. With the SuperStream, you can stay active in an exercise program without putting undue stress on joints, ligaments, or your pocketbook.

The SuperStream counter-current system can generate up to a 4mph current in your pool. That’s more than enough to keep most swimmers stroking at an effective cardio workout rate. Swimming coaches can utilize this unique training pool to get up close and personal with their swimmers while assessing stroke technique and performance. But this great pool is more than just a venue for serious swimmers, it’s also serious fun for the entire family.